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This is an alphabetical list of books currently published by Pryor Publications. Click on any link below to read the review.

A Brief History Of Witchcraft
American Home Cook Book (The)
A Plain Cookery For The Working Classes
Art Of Swimming (The)
A Short History Of The Wolf In Britain
Barkers Autumn Book 1938
Beach Myriorama
Book Of The Kiss (The)
Books For Cooks. Favourite Recipes From Books 1, 2 & 3
Books For Cooks. Favourite Recipes From Books 4, 5 & 6
Books For Cooks (No. 7)
Books For Cooks (No. 8)
Books For Cooks (No. 10)
Boys Book Of Trades And The Tools Used (The)
Child Life Cook Book
Children's Singing Games
Christmas Entertainments 1740
Colonel John Pickering's Regiment Of Foot 1644 - 1645
Complete Letter Writer For Gentlemen (The)
Convict Ship Success (The)
Coronation (The)
Crazy Circus
Cromwell's Soldiers Bible
Crossing The Plains
Encyclopaedia Of British Bogies (The)
English As She Is Spoke:
English Weathervanes
Everybody's Book Of Epitaphs
Every Man His Own Doctor
Exploring Cathedrals - A Short Guide
Favourite Book Of Fables (The)
Foolish Dictionary (The)
Footman's Directory (The)
From Dixie To Canada
Full Revelations Of A Professional Rat-catcher
Hands And How To Read Them
Hand Shadows Second Series
Hand Shadows
History Of Newgate (The)
History Of Our American Flag (The)
How To Look Young
How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers
Italian Dinner Party Menus
John Bull's Book Of Pitfalls
Language Of Flowers (The)
Life & Adventures Of The American Cowboy (The)
Long Road To Victory (The)
Looking Back
Love Courtship And Marriage, Or How To Win A Lover
Lucky Sixpence For The Bride
Magic Lantern
Manners For Men
Manners For Women
Model Men
Natural History Of The Flirt (The)
Old Aunt Elspa's Abc
Old London Cries
One Hundred Cookery Recipes
Our Native England
Pirate Toy Theatre
Playground and Indoor Games
Portraits Of The Parliamentary Officers Of The Great Civil War
Punch And Judy
Punishments In The Olden Time
Relay Bicycles 1897
Rescue For Passengers
Secondhand Handshakes
Shakespeare Birthday Book (The)
Simone's Kitchen Secrets
Swank By A Yank
Three Letters
Union Pacific Rail Road
Vere Foster's Copy Books
Victorian Scrap Album (The)
Weather Calendar (The)
Weather Lore
We Remember Whitstable
What Shall I Say?
What To Serve And How To Serve It
Why Die Young?
Ye Butcher, Ye Baker, Ye Candlestick Maker
Your Faithful Servant

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