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First published in 1847 just before Adam Smith's Natural History of the Flirt. If proof were needed that human nature remains constant the content of the book would be enough. As you might expect Model Men will appeal particularly to women starting with "The Model Husband" - the last few lines are as follows:

He lets the family go out of town once every year, whilst he remains at home with one knife and fork, sits on a brown holland chair, sleeps on a curtain less bed, and has a charwoman to wait on him. He goes down on Saturday and comes up on the Monday, taking with him the clean linen, and bringing back the dirty clothes. He checks the washing bills. He pays the housekeeping money without suspicion, and shuts his eyes to the "Sundries". He is very easy and affectionate, keeping the wedding anniversary punctually, never complaining if the dinner is not ready; making the breakfast himself if no one else is down; letting his wife waltz, and drink porter before company. He runs all her errands, pays all her bills, and cries like a child at her death.

15cm x 10cm. 112 Pages. 50 line illustrations. Paperback. ISBN: 978 1 905253 012.

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